WTS 16M SP Ark/Providence, transport ship gallente, minmatar interceptor

(Noramrock) #1

I’m for sale !!
All CCP Rules apply


JDC/Amarr Freighter V

there is a bug on eveboard, he don’t have Gallente Electronic Systems V, this skill was reprocess few month ago.

(Wpier Dol) #2

jump frighters on 4 jump fuel cons on 4 hmmm 5b? any good for you?

(Kmann Poljus) #3

10b b/o

(Red Lola) #4

10.5 BIL

(Kmann Poljus) #5
  1. Bil

(Red Lola) #6

11.5 bil

(Kmann Poljus) #7

12 biil

(Meh Pappotte) #8


(Wpier Dol) #9

lol lol

(Kmann Poljus) #10


(Noramrock) #11

13B accepted,
Kmann Poljus send ISK and account information.

(Kmann Poljus) #12

Yes will do this after work at 20.00 or 21.00 eve time

(Kmann Poljus) #13

ISK and Account info sent

(Noramrock) #14

ISK and Account info received, 1000 PLEX add in PLEX Vault and the ticket to support to initiate the transfer creates.

(Kimberlay Regyri) #15

GM have transfered the toon and want to know if you received it.
Kmann Poljus, Do you received the character ?

(system) #16

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