WTS 16M SP Ark/Providence, transport ship gallente, minmatar interceptor

I’m for sale !!
All CCP Rules apply


JDC/Amarr Freighter V

there is a bug on eveboard, he don’t have Gallente Electronic Systems V, this skill was reprocess few month ago.

jump frighters on 4 jump fuel cons on 4 hmmm 5b? any good for you?

10b b/o

10.5 BIL

  1. Bil

11.5 bil

12 biil


lol lol


13B accepted,
Kmann Poljus send ISK and account information.

Yes will do this after work at 20.00 or 21.00 eve time

ISK and Account info sent

ISK and Account info received, 1000 PLEX add in PLEX Vault and the ticket to support to initiate the transfer creates.

GM have transfered the toon and want to know if you received it.
Kmann Poljus, Do you received the character ?

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