WTS great supercarrier/fax pilot 99m sp


no killrights, in jita, wallet 0

perfect armor skills
good shield skills
close to perfect fighter skills
great engineer skills
all 3 jump skills at 5
has amarr titan skillbook injected
all carrier skills are 5
cloaking 5
burst projector 5
tacitcal logistics 5
Great fleet support skills

has pod with full high-grade slaves with 3 5%
has pod with genolution 1-4 and 3 5% and republic fleet mindlink
has pod with +4s and imperial navy mindlink

no remap avail, current is int/mem
+6.5 caldari state
-5.5minmatar republic
+7.34 amarr empire

has blue tiger hel skin(1.9b in jita)
headhunter nyx skin (7b in jita)

minimum will be 78b but i’m looking for higher than that

make this monster pilot yours today

72 bil

decided to cancel this sale

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