WTS Guardian-Vexor (with Killmarks)

2.5trillion (only 10 ships left ingame)

  • Launch 10 drones simultaniously
  • enjoy being a unique ship owner
  • Pvp fit included

(would also trade for morachas, fiends, chremoases and imps)


theres one going for half a trillion on contracts

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But without killmarks

Just buy it for 550, kill a few alts. Sell for 3.9 trip.


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I thought I try after many AT ships are offered here for absurd prices… so I just did the same vOv


wtb moracha? 2,32t only

I trade Chremoas for Gvex

How many chremoases?

Just for fun - how many Imps do you own big boy?

some of each

Weekend discount

She waiting for a new master


Sunday. Gut ship

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