WTS Hateless's alt

Hello. The tragic news regarding Hateless has struck me and I want to say how sorry I feel for him. I have one of his characters that I won from a giveaway when I was pretty new to EVE and I didn’t get to use it that much other than set it up for PI before quitting the game. I absolutely do not want to biomass this character and I know there are people out there who have been close to Hateless and might want to have it, put it to good use, to keep his memory alive.
One of the requirements is that the person receiving it must be one of his closest friends and deeply desire to keep the character alive. To follow the rules of the Bazaar here is the skill list: Character Sheet
I do not want to make any ISK off of this. Biomass doesn’t feel right. Thank you!


Would love to take care of one of Hateless old pilots. I’m at work atm but feel free to send me a in game mail.

I was pretty close with hateless ingame sadly we had a bit of a falling out before he passed
I would love to keep his character safe but there are probably better people for it
the people best suited for this would probably be one of his admins like dangerousD

I would also love to care take this player, I helped with the CARE Packages during the MayLesS Month and I was one of the mods in game, discord and twitch. Please send me a mail if you have this as it would be a great honour to build the character up for him. Get me on discord just shout out for DD or get me in game on this character.

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