14.3 bill

based in The Forge close to Jita

2 x t2 extenders + 1 x t2 hyper
open to reasonable offers


No ta…


I’ll put 12 on that

Chaps I’m not taking any low ball offers. 17.5 is below current market value just for the hull.

Not sure where you are looking but you can easily get a hel with rigs for 15 bil vOv

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your absolutely right sir, ,price lowered to stupid 14.3 bill no offers now

I’ll put 12.1 on that!

12.2 AND a big smile. Maybe even a high five

12.3 and I guarantee it will die at the undock

You ma’am have outdone me. I’ll be around to where on that kill though. :slight_smile:

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still for sale grab a bargain

still for sale

todays bump

daily bump

daily bump

daily bump open to offers

11 bil

so youre offering less than everyone else did?