WTS highly fouced Nyx Driver, with high-grade ascendancy implants


high light:
remap bonus 2
24M SP + 169,745 unallocated SP.
Implants: High-grade Ascendancy 1# - 5# , 6#: Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ Warp Drive Speed WS-618, 7#: Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ Evasive Maneuvering EM-705

Advanced Spaceship CommandV
Gallente Carrier V
Gallente Frigate V
Gallente Industrial V

Drone Interfacing V
Fighters V
Heavy Fighters V
Light Fighters IV
Fighter Hangar Management IV
Support Fighters III-IV ing

Starting bid: 24b

Transfer will went by plex.

B/O is at 30b.
Once bid reach 24b , i will finish this trade in 24h.

Let me start you off 24b

24.5b ready

Thank you guys , now the highest bid is 24.5b from wangsunan, I will accept the highest bid in 24h, that’s 9:00 eve time at 13/9/2018.

Come on everybody.


it remains 4 hours till I finish this bid.

Is there any higher bid here?

well my isk is stuck in another sale since the seller there seems to be scamming, I will offer 26b if I get it back in time. (or if you wish to wait for me)


Time’s up, I accepte Kaylee’s bid at 25.5b.
Please send isk and account info to me in eve mail. I will ask GM to transfer to you as soon as possible.

Isk and account info sent.

hi bro,
isk and eve mail received.
Already submitted character transfers request to GM, waiting for GM to finish the transfer.
Please wait, thank you .

more than a day

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