Toon for sale,


2 remaps avaible
npc corp

3b starting
b/o offer

3 bi offer

if no more offer will come i will sell that on sunday, thx

3.2 B offer

3,3 bi offer

3.5 B Buyout

Accepted, if you want we can do all now
Waiting for isk and detail to proceed

Will send isk and details once back home in 10 hours

i will start transfer process after 10.00 ita time

i’m online and ready

Orion Disappeared, if u are still intrested let me know, thx

if he ends up not being interested. ill buy for 3.3Bil

Sorry, Urgent work came up. I’M Still at work right now. Give me 24 hours.

Don’t warry, take your time i have work too so no prob :smiley:

Ok i think i’ve gived you enough time…so if someone is still interested please let me know, thx to everyone

Will you take 3B?

3.2b my offer

3.3B offer

3.5 buy out

I will offer 3.5B too