WTS Imp, various AT skins and BPO's

Every Skin’s and BPO are located in Jita 4-4
Imp is located in a NPC station in caldari high sec.
Every sale will be made by CONTRACTS that i will create, no trade scam or w/e.
Ship :


Victory skin’s :

2x blood raiders
1x Sansha
1x Daredevil
2x Leshak
2x Vedmak
2x Damavik
4x Skybreaker
1x Stormbringer

BPO’s :

7x Rorqual 10/20
2x Nag 10/18
1x Phoenix 10/18
2x Revelation 10/18
2x Apostle 10/20
1x Charon 10/20
1x Obelisk 10/20
1x Providence 10/20
1x Orca 10/20
1x Raitaru 9/18
1x Pulse activated nexus invulnerability core 10/20
1x Nyx 9/18
1x Hel 9/18
1x Avatar 8/14
1x Ragnarok 9/14
1x Ragnarok 9/12

Send me IG mail if you are interested in any of the item’s, i accept bids for the imp.
For skins i will sell a litle bit under jita price, so hit me up and i will look what it is at that time.

I bid 300bil Imp

No thank you looking for more

Put the price you’re looking for.



310b for the Imp