Wts revenant blueprint

100+b offers

message sent

Check mail

Hi again. Atm i have 4 ingame mail offers, better is 107 b. Want wait few days more.

Daily bump

Bump after weekend

Bump for Sansha Kuvakei

lazy bump

trade for a vendetta?

nah, isk only

Still looking for a good offer

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lowball mails ignored

lowball mails … you say 100b+ offers. I bid that and you call it lowball. shame on you sir.

Just read above

That was close to a month ago and u think it is still valid. Nice one :smiley:

“Wait a few days” Says it all.

Anyways no reason sell it to 10-15% reseller.

So are you trying to sell it or no? What does it matter to you if it’s resold? The isk is the same color (What color is isk btw?) If you think 100 is a low-ball then put the price you want in the listing. The market will sort out whether or not you’re being realistic

Ty for one more expert opinion, m8