WTS industrialist and skill farm toon

(Alberto Einsteinus) #1

Want to sell my main char. http://eveboard.com/pilot/Alberto_Einsteinus
Produces 1 large skill extractor every 7.3 days.
Has Industry skills, and implants for SP production

Price begins at 8b. Buyer will pay the transfer fee!

Looking forward into hearing from you!

(Grimliver Aurilen) #2

noone will pay 8b and transfer fee for a 5m sp char when they can easily just make one,

(Maizie Fields) #3


(Alberto Einsteinus) #4

Have fun making one :slight_smile:

(spottington) #5

I can inject this toonie for the 11b you’re wanting me to spend.

I offer you 6 and you pay the transfer

(Alberto Einsteinus) #6

7b and you pay the fee

(Yaania Odunen) #7

Quote from CCP:

(ISD Bubblemoon) #8


Please read Character Bazaar rules

Thread closed. Please remake your thread and don’t forget to add missing information

(ISD Bubblemoon) #9