WTS Indy/Exhumers/Production/Rorqual 5 characters-prices changed

WTS Indy/Mining/Production/Rorqual 5 characters

My following mining and production characters are for sale:

Filthy-Maid - Purely Hulk miner 5bil (Injector cost 9bil)

Filthy-Sis - Purely Hulk miner 5bil (Injector cost 9.6bil)

Filthmasters-slave3 - Main production/reprocessing/reaction and rorqual toon. 30bil
44.9mil sp (Injector cost 62bil)

Filthmasters-slave4 - 11.9mil sp Hulk miner and Transport.(some reactions too) 10bil(Injector cost 16.5bil)

Filthmasters-slave2 - 10.3mil sp Hulk/reactions 8bil(Injector cost 13.8bil)

Following applies to all characters beeing sold here:
Wallet balance: 0isk
No kill rights
No jump clones
Will be in high sec.

Bulk offers will be considered

Confirm im for sale

Confirm im for sale

Confirm im for sale

Confirm im for sale

You prices are even higher than I use skills injectors. Try do some adjustments

Threat reopened

bump, open to offers

What would be your price for a bulk buy of all the characters?

About 65bil

Your prices are crazy high, you do know that you can’t extract below 5 mil sp? So a 6.6 mil sp character would be lucky to get 3bil

Good luck anyway

Frankly, as I said before redo the price , and maybe there are deals

You will have to lower that price for it to be intresting.¨

What will the price be for only the hulk characters

Make me an offer for either the hulks or all of them.

Nobody is paying anywhere near your asking price for these characters. Typical pricing is slightly above extractor price which is skillpoints - 5M, divided by 500K, multiplied by 320M or so. Then a base 5M char is worth like 2.25-2.75B as a base.

Hulk characters sell for more but not crazy amounts more. And these hulk characters are trained in a way that many wouldn’t like, like 1M in drones instead of more mining skills (like ice mining).

The chars you are listing for 7B I would expect to go for like 4.8 and then other chars scale from there.

Filthy-Maid - Purely Hulk miner 7bil (Injector cost 9bil) as you’re well over priced, I will offer you 3.5 billion isk for this character

Sorry not happening, too low.

Daily bump.