WTS Ishtar ratting toon


T2 Heavy Drones, Drone Interfacing 4, Gallente Cruiser 5.

Taking bids.

3B cash in hands. Would have given more but lacks Interfacing 5 and some generic skills, not even speaking about navigation, shield and armor skills.

3.3b offer

Character is not in a NPC Corp

3.5 bil. if he goes to NPC corp

Would you consider selling to a fellow horde member? No need to move him into Npc corp

3.6B now

You cannot transfer a character that is not in an NPC Corp, so he needs to move anyway.

3.7 bil

Character was in NPC corp when the thread was created. i expect it will take a while to update.

3.8B cash in hands.

Over 7bn to inject a toon like this from sratch, keep the bids coming for a good deal :slight_smile:

4 Bil

Problem is, you character is not a viable Ishtar toon. Selling and Ishtar toon without Interfacing V is a joke, armor and shield skills are bad, he’s not viable either for skill farm since lack of Cybernetics V. I’m gonna give you 5B final offer right now.

5B offer kept in mind.

I have used this as my source of income for two months now. It is very much viable as an ishtar toon

Should have used the word optimal rather, sorry. I’m looking for an Ishtar toon to be a ratter and a skill farmer for an account that doesn’t use skill queue anymore, problem is, he’s gonna need to have more training to really be usefull, so that’s taken off of the offer, nav skills also need additional training, not even talking about cybernetics. As I said, I’m giving you 5B right now, cash in hands to buy out.

YEah thats fair.

From my testing though i can say that navigation skills arent needed for Guristas rats, but probably are for sansha and blood raider.

I’m using a 100mn armor fit for drone rats, so needs navigation and armor skills :slight_smile:

So again, 5B if you sell it right now :slight_smile:

5B Will probably be best offer here

Do have to ask if @Condor_Ormand is still interested in it or not tho.

Not really, you can just sell it right away :stuck_out_tongue: