WTS Keepstar

1. Wallet balance. 0
2. Kill rights No killrights
3. Jump clones No jump clones
4. Character location. Jita


Starting at 10b

up up

The fact that you haven’t followed the rules of character trading, and not posted anything, plus the fact that your character isn’t even worth 1 isk IMO, you’d be better off just biomassing this character instead of wasting $20 to transfer this to someone else.

618k SP. and before I noticed this was in Character Bazaar, I thought it was someone selling an actual Keepstar. The fact you are asking 10B for a 600k SP toon, is neigh laughable.

You sound like you’re a lot of fun at parties.

Sometimes the Truth can hurt, but at least you know.

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Truth is the character is for sale for the name. If you’re not interested in the offer, move along. I’m not in a rush to sell and open for offers.

I offer what it’s worth… 10 ISK


I’ll offer 30 mil

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60million isk offer

Nice name, you might want to let it train in Alpha few months and so you might be able sell it for what you’re asking for [Keepstar] name.


its a shite name Darkstar is real lol


I’ll move along when I want to, or when you sell it for your asking price.

Dont get upset because you think a Character named after a game asset is worth billions
when its not.

Maybe we’ll see you next week with Mr Sensor booster selling for 15bill?



Nobody is upset here. I just find it strange that somebody feels the need to post in a character sale thread that he or she is not interested.

60.5 mil

60.575 mil

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