WTS Komodo BPC (Guristas Titan)

Currently entertaining offers for this beautiful Komodo BPC. Get the most out of your Shadow squads!

edit- Now offering “Try before you buy”

Each bid over equaling or reaching 500b in 10b increments will now get a complementary copy of the Komodo on Sisi. Supplies are limited!

400b :dragon:



bump, just added the “try before you buy”

500 bil for the worst Titan ingame. Sign me up

Is this an offer?

Bids end 12-18 at 0300. current best offer is 500b (not the snigtroll from above)

People who bid the 2nd highest and 3rd highest will receive BPCs on sisi for free.

5b is the minimum increment. Sniping rules in effect as well- if you bid within 15 minutes of the auction end, the auction ends 15 minutes from the bid.

NC. offers will not be taken seriously.

If the winning bid turns out to be a troll, then the auction will be extended by one day and the bids will be reset to the amount prior to that character with their bids.

1% of the proceeds will go to eve-scout if a neut buys it, 2% will go to a sig/squad of buyer’s choosing if they are imperium.

but if an alt of nc does how do you know? just askin for a friend…

your friend shouldn’t be offering because he will just withdraw it.


Is this sold

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