WTS Komodo BPC

As per title selling Komodo BPC

Its in Highsec in NPC station.

B/O is 220b

Throw them offers abouts!

100 b

Blockquote[quote=“Lieutnant_Achosira, post:2, topic:101063, full:true”]
100 b

Yeah no :slight_smile:


More seriously, 190b.

Sorry still not within reach of the minimum offer :slight_smile:


Getting closer to the buyout!

Private offer of 210b

213 b

one estamel’s modified railgun

yes I am still salty

Price reserve has been met at 215b,

Auction will end in 24hrs tomorrow 31st at 22.00 Eve time

Komodo BPC is still here and for sale!

Auction will end in less than 13 hrs!

216b ISK ready !

Auction concluded!

Winner is Calandrax!

Buyer contacted & awaiting contract acceptance.

If contract is not accepted within 24hrs it will be open for new offers!

As highest 2 bidders have backed off & third is delayed in acquiring the payment, the auction will run untill Vily has acquired the 213b or a higher offer is posted!

(Sudden Death for auctions!)

Umpalumpas & ■■■■

BPC Sold Please lock / close post

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