WTS Large cache of Capsuleer Day XVI Praxis and skin crates

Looking to sell what I would guess is probably the largest existing cache of these that will ever come up on the market. Totals to 180 of them, all located in Jita 4-4.

For those that may not know, This is a crate that contains both the ship and a Capsuleer Day XVI skin for it. What makes them so special though is the fact that they are only 4m3 each, making all 180 ships take up only 720m3. If you wont know why that could be useful…this isnt the ad for you. Current Jita sell has these at 305 million a piece, but the fact that I have a lot of them in one place should make them a bit more valuable to the right buyer. Not looking for a huge premium, but a little extra might be nice.

Since some of the value of having these might be derived from a a bit of anonymity, anyone can message me in game with offers if you don’t want to be seen openly buying. To be clear I’m looking to sell it all in one lot, not piecemeal. Primarily looking for straight isk, but might consider interesting trades like an appropriately valued t2 bpo or the like.

First offer I consider good/interesting enough gets the pile. If the ad is still up, its still available.

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