WTS Leshak/Ikitursa/Vedmak/Loki Pilot

Selling Sub Cap Alt that is Trig focused but can also fly Lokis with very good HAM skills and has Logi V. Minimum bid below is the lowest I will accept otherwise I am just extracting.

Positive Wallet Balance
0.0 Sec Status
Located in Jita 4-4

+5 Learning Pod
Mid-Grade Mimesis Pod + MR-703, EM-803, SS-903 and HG-1003

Total SP: 36M and still training
Extraction Value: 21.6B
Minimum Bid: 27B


Hey i can buy it now for 25B let me know

Minimum is 27, below that I’m better off extracting so not willing to sell below that number.

sounds good, if you change your mind let me know

BO 27b

Done, please send ISK in game and eve mail me the new account name.

ISK sent - Information EVE Mailed as requested.

Received and transfer initiated.

Transfer completed. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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