[WTS] Loot from dead WH stick in Solitude

(Alhira Katserna) #1


Bob smiled upon me today and granted me a hole to a C1 with a dead stick and a lot of stuff anchored to it. We got a lot of that stuff out to a station in Solitude in the Arittand system.


Willing to let it go for 2.5b

If you´re interested mail me ingame.

Have fun and fly safe-ish.

(Mad Vemane) #2

Will offer you 2.2b if you are interested!

(Alhira Katserna) #3

Not interested.


(Alhira Katserna) #4

Up to the top with ya.

(Tiddle Jr) #5

2.35 offer

(system) #6

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