[WTS] Machariel pilot 18.7 mill sp【Contains Unallocated Skill Points:7m sp】

20 bil !!! edit -retracted

21b.isk already

rename topic into “What the Hel?!?” this mofo aint got no cap skills… close sale and restart fresh, very misleading… dirty char probably… dman scammerton probably… oh god oh ho ho ho

22bill isk

23B isk

I haven’t noticed for a long time.20B offer i will accepted, I will pay the transfer,Are there any bids?
@DreamD ,If you still need it, you can send isk and account info on this char.

I’ll do 21b


21B offer accepted from @avdock

You can send isk and account info on this char.

isk transfered

Mail and isk recived.

i submit the transfer application right now

Characters has been transfered

Lol thanks

character recived

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