WTS Main Acc 53mil SP / All Rounder Pilot

Selling my main i am done with eve …

53.9mill SP

this pilot can fly most common ships from all 4 Major factions

TII&TIII Caldari Only
Gallente Capitals - Moros, Thanno, Nyx
Caldari Capitlas - Phoenix,
Rorqual Pilot
2 skill books away from Caldari Titan (Jump Portal Generation + Caldari Titan)
Really Good Missile Skills
Not far away from XL Torpedoes XL Cruise Missiles (needed for titan)

70B Isk + 500 plex to compensate for transfer costs that i have to pay with RLM

(incl all my ships/wares/mods/Faction Mods/Planet RSS/Mined RSS + 3 Capitals , Rorqual, Thanno, Dread) most of my capitals have ± 5K - 20K units in jump fuel. + 93Mill ISK in Wallet for what ever

Downside to this Deal - Everything is in Imperium Space , easiest way will be to apply with them and get the stuff out or sell it.

Payment can be made to Naughty-Nurse

ones the plex and ISK is confirmed ill transfer main account to whom ever it will belong and close this thread. Just remember there is an 10Hour delay with Character Transfer.

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