[WTS] Max Trade/Social +Gallente/Minimitar Level 5 Missions Puller

I’m no longer needed and looking for a new home

I was used as a Trader due to my great trade and social skills and also can pull Gallente/Minimitar level 5 missions.

7.19 standing with Gallente Federation
6.80 standing with Sisters of Eve
7.23 standing with Minmatar Republic

Don’t take my word for it, check me out:


All the usual rules apply; pilot is located in Jita, no kill rights, in NPC corp, positive wallet and positive sec status.

Open to offers, buy-out set at 8B

Thanks for looking

my 1. offer is 4b

best regards rewinsdie Onren

Thanks for the offer, looking for something closer to the BO

Thanks for looking

7b B/O


Send ISK and account details


ISK and accountname is send.

ISK and account name received

I’m in work atm, will start transfer when I get in tonight


Transfer started, enjoy

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