WTS maxed nag pilot, 59.6m sp

so guys the time is now, this beautiful toon unfortunately is not currently fitting into the plans i had in mind for her, and so the time has come to see if any of you hungry capsuleers can take me off my masters hands.
T2 weapons maxed for nag
T2 seige
Perfect shield skills
Clean Corp history
Clean kb
jf pilot
Perfect jump skills

all capital skills in reference to the nag dread are maxed, have started to cross train into gallente for my own greedy reasons so plenty of sp to extract if thats what you wish.

im also competent in jump freighters, trained into nomad for obvious reasons (minmatar master race)


standings are all neutral, loss mails - non existent. kill mails, non existent. this is a plain toon with implants, nothing more.
docked in jita 4-4 - no kill rights, possitive wallet.

there is alot you can do with me, and im in no rush too sell, so low balling you can try and they will be free bumps, much love eve universe, fly safe

48 bil

49 billion

Bump for the day. Those that have offered in game, while I appreciate the interest. Please refrain from it, as only bids on the forums are legitimate bids.

End date is 28/2 and I hold the right to cancel if a price is not agreed by then . Fly safe

what is the b/o?

i offer 51b?

have also sent in game mail.

Bump of the day, only 6 more days, till I will be sold or put back onto ice.

Bump extracting tonight for 90b unless I can find buyer for 72b

By your own math you would be an idiot not to just extract that 90B. Don’t give us plebs a deal at 72B. That’s 20B over the offer i was going to toss you.

It will take 108 extractors to extract all available sp, if I was to sell I account for injected skip books, and price being 17gbp now to transfer as you don’t use plex, so in turn, I’d spend 40b so extract the extra 50b profit and save 17gbp for transfer. Thank you for your input, but I’m not here to flame you , or argue, I’m just here to see if someone wants her, save training it yourself, and it would cost you more to inject this so. Every one’s own opinion, and I thank you for yours. Fly safe.

this character is worth maybe 58b at most. Absoloutly no where near 72b.

56bil B/O

57b isk available to transfer right now

58bil B/O

59b isk ready to transfer

60bil B/O

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