[SOLD]WTS T2 Nag + T2 Shak pilot

I am for sale.
Positive wallet.
No killrights, npc corp, located in Jita 4-4, 5.0 sec.

53.6 million SP.

  • genolution 1-4 pod + SS-905, EM-805, EO-605, Ogdin’s eye coordination enhancer POD worth 1.2b atm.

Highlights: T2 L5 naglfar for your krabbing needs as well as t2 level 5 shak for more of the same and as a bonus able to fly a Viator to blockade run your valuables.


Looking for 50b.

I can offer a 25B offer.

I applaud your sense of profit making but no thank you.

I can offer 35B, which I think is a reasonable price, don’t you think?

Looking for more, thank you though.
Considering it takes more then 80b to inject up to this point and 20 bucks for transfer.

80B?Don’t you have a computational extractor?37B,i can

You are confusing the 2 methods.
I’m talking about injection price.
You on the other hand are talking about extraction profit.

Okay, so what do you think about 37B? I don’t have much money, but I think the role is OK.

Lowest I’ll go is 47b, if that is in your price range we have a deal. Otherwise thank you for your offer :slight_smile: .

I will offer the quotation of 43B, which is all the money I have, I hope you can agree.

Go 45b and we have a deal.

44B, the best result, and I really don’t have any more money, can I?

You have a deal. Send mail with your account email and isk to Caille Stahl and i will initiate transfer asap. :slight_smile:.

Please start the transfer

Transfer started, thank you, take care of my girl :smiley:

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