26m Nag pilot (Farmhole spec)

As per title 26m skill points:
T2 guns
Good gunnery skills

Designed for farmholes hence no jumping skills

Good Nestor skills as well.

Normal rules apply…positive wallet, located in Jita.

Has left corp in game just not updated on eve skillboard yet

Starting bid 22bn
Buyout will be 28bn

16b offer

I like it overall, but factoring in that it’s not super focused (armor + shield skills, drone skills, etc due to the nestor training) and lacking a few critical skills to use it as a WH Nag (cybernetics 5, capital shield operation, biology, dread 4, etc).

Can offer 20

Generally speaking focused nag pilots still sell frequently at 1b isk per 1m sp…not many character do but nag pilots do.

Even if you consider the nestor skills surplus to requirement, there is around 4m sp relating to that… 4m sp could be extracted and sold… buy 8 extractors 330m each = 2.64b … sell 8 extractors 700m each = 5.6b

So add 2.96b profit to the remaining 22m sp at 1b per 1m sp = 24.96b

I’ll continue to ignore anyone who is just trying to get lucky with bids lower than 22bn…the character works perfectly well farming in a C5 as I’ve done it.

I’m in no hurry and will either wait for a buyer or not sell.

Ill offer 22 then


Given we are above the 22bn minimum bid…I’ll give it 24 hours from now to see if anyone bids higher.

If no one offers higher I’ll accept the 23bn.

24 billion


Hour or so left anyone want to go higher than 24?

Thanks for all the bids, looks like we have a winner, please send over the isk and eve mail me the account name and I will start the transfer tonight.

isk and information sent :slight_smile:

Transfer done, sorry for slight delay had to wait 7. minutes for minmatar dread 4 to finish. my ocd wouldn’t let me pause without it finishing!

Not a problem haha good doing bussiness :slight_smile:

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