28m Nag pilot (Farmhole spec)

As per title 28m skill points:
T2 guns
Level 5 dread skill
Good gunnery skills

Designed for farmholes hence no jumping skills

Good Nestor skills as well.

Normal rules apply…positive wallet, located in Jita.

Has left corp in game just not updated on eve skillboard yet

Starting bid 23bn
Buyout will be 30bn

16.5b Offer

19B final


Thanks for the bid I’ll let the auction run for another 24 hours just to see if anyone is willing to go higher and if not accept the offer.

Reducing buyout to 27bn as well.

24Bill bid.

Well the 24 hours are up and you’re the highest bidder! Thanks for the offer.

Please send isk and eve mail me the account name and I will start the transfer.

Isk sent, evemail sent awaiting transfer.

Thanks, character transfer started.

Enjoy and fly safe!

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