WTS May 2008 Gal male toon (sub 1mil sp)

(Kantru Marak) #1

I mean it is pretty simply take a look: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Kantru_Marak

This one really got just about nothing going on so a clean slate to work with and a decent name.

Offer me what you think he is worth and if I agree we can do a deal.

(Urahara Shop) #2

3b isk ready

(Kantru Marak) #3

Deal if you are still want it.

(Kantru Marak) #4

Not heard back yet, keeping it open.

(Kantru Marak) #5

Up he goes perhaps in flames, though I cannot confirm nor deny that fact

(Kantru Marak) #6

knocks head on post and curses

Well guess that does the trick to get her up.

(Kantru Marak) #7

Up he goes, perhaps some funds to deal with ddos losses :wink:

(Kantru Marak) #8

Still for sale

(Ishtar Specialist) #9

3b right now

(Kantru Marak) #10

Sorry somewhat late reply, but deal if you still want him :wink:

(system) #11

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