WTS 2008 Character JF/ Roqual pilot

(Daru Rhox) #1

Selling myself

13.4 million sp
*Positive Sec Status
*Positive Wallet
*Located in Jita
*Short Corp History
*Great Name
*Postive Standings (All Factions)
*No Kill Right

All CCP rules apply

Starting Price 10b
B/0 Hidden

Auction will end Monday 00:00 eve time

WTB Rorqual Pilot
(Money HoldingC) #2

12b B/O

(Avallah) #3

13b, buy out valid 24h

(Daru Rhox) #4

I got an in game offer for 16 that i be taking if no other offer at 0500 eve time

(MadRoger Rackham) #5

Better have that person post here then… per bazaar rules. Otherwise it just looks like a scam, artificially raising the sale price.

(Inactive Seller) #6

I am not the person who offer 16b but can give the 16b in Five hours. @daru_rhox, say if i u acccepted and i send the Isk as soon i can.

(Daru Rhox) #7

I accept it as a b/o if no other person make a bid before that 5 hour mark

(famunda cheese) #8

ill pay 17

(Daru Rhox) #9

I’ll give it one more hour and accept the 17b as b/o 0100

(Avallah) #10

17,2 b/o

(Inactive Seller) #11

i pass, is too much the price and the character is 2008 no 2005.

Strange things.

(famunda cheese) #12

17.5 B/O

(Inactive Seller) #13

The thread was altered. Sound as a case of fake bids on way as @MadRoger_Rackham note too some rare.

I offer my 16b as a real good offer.

(Avallah) #14

17,75 bil

(famunda cheese) #15

ill pass

(Daru Rhox) #16

ok then Avallah the toons is your. as soon as you send the isk to me i transfer the toon

(Avallah) #17

I check famunda cheese history and it looks like fake bider for me. So I will change my to outbid Inactive Seller with offer 16,5b, otherwise sell it this pilot to famunda cheese which is probably fake.
If you accept mine please confirm in 15 min, My ISKs are ready. Sorry for inconvenience.

(Daru Rhox) #18

If @famunda_cheese Famunda cheese want the toon for 17.5 i sell it to him and accept Avallah bid as a with draw

(Avallah) #19

I’m online be online for like 15min then will go to bed. If you will accept mine then can send ISKs and account details about 8 - 9AM.

(Daru Rhox) #20

Avallah i accpet your bid for 16.5b @Avallah