WTS Mercoxit Miner 7.1mil SP

Selling a PI 7.1m SP Mercoxit Pilot with the following info:

Pilot Stats

  1. ISK Positive (1M)
  2. Sec Status -0.6
  3. Located in Bourynes (Sinq Laison)
  4. 0 of 2 Jump clones used
    5 Remap available 8/2
  5. No kill rights or bounties
  6. NPC Corp

Bid starts at 3bil
Transfer will be initiated immediately after ISK transfer.

Daily Bump

I offer 2,5B

i offer 3b

I offer 3,5B

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Offer accepted!

Please send ISK and account information, and I’ll start the transfer. :slight_smile:

I will do it today.

ISK and account information sent.

Could you please start the transfer

I will wait until tomorrow Morning, then I will contact CCP support.

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