WTS Miner/Indy/PI 33.6m sp


(Pacheetoo) #1

33.6 m SP
Sec Statu2 1.2
Pos Wallet
Available in Jita ( or near)
No Kill rights
Remap available in March 2018

Miner/Indy/PI Exhumer 5 and all T2 Mods Most repro skills at 5. Salvaging 5

Gallente Pilot But trained for Caldari Interceptor (and Mods) for safe travel by the time you buy. (I day)

Standard Augs and cap Aug. Jump clones standard augs.

No password required on Eveboard to view.

Start Bid 20 Bill

(Perpetualed) #2

23 billion

(Pacheetoo) #3

Damn close mate but your first bid :slight_smile: Hit me again and I might just take an offer… And thanks for the offer…

(yipcool) #4

24 bill

(Perpetualed) #5

24.5 billion.

(yipcool) #6

25 bil

(Pacheetoo) #7

A little longer Thanks for bids…

(Pacheetoo) #8

30 Bill takes it…and if I get hit on way to Jita Ill replace the current Augs…

(Pacheetoo) #9

26.5 and Pacheetoo is yours

(yipcool) #10

25b is my max limit, and I admit i’d have to wait for a few market orders to go before I could purchase

(Pacheetoo) #11

26 and I will have the interceptor to fly back to high…and you can keep it. And Ill add a couple of augs on char for you

(Pacheetoo) #12

and no problem waiting

(Inactive Seller) #13

how many time to Orca ?

(Pacheetoo) #14

just over 15 days

(Inactive Seller) #15

Maybe i can make an offer in 4-5 hours, i go to job and have a meeting.

(Pacheetoo) #16

np I will be here

(Inactive Seller) #17

I can offer you 25.8b now, is very near to 26 you want but i cant more at the moment for other deal in process.

(Pacheetoo) #18

sounds good to me my friend…

(Inactive Seller) #19

then say accepted and i send the 25.8 =)

(Pacheetoo) #20

Sure thing…Jusy one point…Have ten hours then Ceptor trained and I can fly back to high…You okay with that?