[WTS] Mining 4 x Exhumer/Refiner Pilots **SOLD**


Mining Characters

Must be bought together. Starting Bid 22b

Positive wallet
No Kill Rights
No Jump Clones.

Confirmed 25b buyout.

19 bil offer

retracted, wrong character

I’ll start at 22B

than i will do 22.5

I’ll do 23B

24b bid, also check evemail on Rower Fermi please

25b buyout as discussed ingame, please confirm and I will send account names and transfer the isk

Confirmed Buyout. Closed.

As per General Rule No.3 " 1. The character being sold must receive the ISK for the purchase and only ISK."
I propose I send 6.25b ISK to each Character and an EVE-Mail with the account name for that Character.

Also, please post with each character confirming in this thread that they are for sale.

Please let me know if you agree

lol, discussing buyouts in game is stupid, I’d have paid more than 25B :wink:

I’m for sale

I’m for sale

I’m for sale

I’m for sale

ISK sent with account names in reason of transfer as well as an evemail
please confirm the transfer and thank you for the trade =)

transfer initiated and confirmed for all characters.

characters recieved

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