WTS: Mining, Exhumers, Recon Cyno 14.8m SP

Mining barge V and exhumers
T2 mining drones for max suck.
T2 combat drone set to kill rats in belts.
T2 crystals for the strip miner.
*Recon ships = cyno alt.
Great alt toon, makes loads of use for Rorq pilots, and capital movement outside mining.

14.8M SP Link below for skills.

Mining Barge V Exhumers 4
Drone Interfacing V max suck
Mining Drone Operation V T2 mining drones
Exceptional Moon Ore Processing 4

Amarr Cruiser V
Recon for Pilgrim Cyno

Structure Gunner and pos
Anchoring V

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec
No kill rights
Extra jump clones
Docked in NPC

Neural Remaps Available
Bonus Remaps Available: 2

15B b/o

I’ll start off the bid at 10B

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11 bill.

12B offer

Little to low sorry

anyone do better?

Want to touch on the T2 mining drones with this toon, which I think has been overlooked.
It’s able to fit out a Covetor rigged with 2x drone mining augmentor plus Processor overclocking unit. The rigging skills have been trained higher to fit this. 79.4m3 per single drone cycle every 60 seconds. With lvl 4 mining drone spec trained it will hit over 80.

This mining barge toon then can fly a Pilgrim and light cyno’s for you rorq or capital fleets.


go 14?

I’m out, thanks. Good luck and happy holidays.

ok thank you.

13.5b takes it. any offers



Discard sorry

I think there’s a typo in the OP, as Eve Board says: Recon Ships / Rank 6 / Level: 3

Maybe also mention the trade skills (broker relations/day trading both @ 4), cause it’d make for a semi-decent trade alt too :slight_smile:


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Updated “Recon for Pilgrim Cyno”
Nice catch thanks.

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