WTS Molok/Avatar pilot with links and phenom generator 89M SP 2007 char - fixed

Molok pilot, Avatar pilot, just needs guns trained for rag. Can fit phenom generator and has Fleet comand 4,
Positive wallet
npc corp
located in highsec
no kill rights

Avatar: Cold iron, Exoplanets Hunter, Purity of the throne.
Ragnarok: Exoplanets hunter, Valklear Glory

Airaken Clone: High grade amulet set, Rogue evasive EM-706, Surgical strike SS-906, Hull upgrades HG-1008.
Jita 4-4 Clone: High grade Ascendancy set.

Should be fixed now,

Markus Caesar 40B

Can I get a skill board link that works?

It works for me.

I click it and it goes to the home page

i dont know why, but the link is correct but the forum seems to have marked it as spam and glitched it out. I hope an ISD can fix it.

Bumping - Skillboard now works.

Bumpity bump

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