WTS Molok - sold

As in the title: Amamake KS
(with killmarks - including recent vanquisher)
Hull. 650 b/o.


Nice joke, gl with that.

It’s below what you want but 550b

i’ve owned 3 molok dude (Built 2)

Apologies if its too low for you but 490-500 is a legit price right now. I’m out bidded so happy sales

Up, got 600b offer ingame.

You might as well have owned 70 Moloks, but a quick glimpse at your post history reveals that all your offers are lowballs. Nothing wrong with it, but don’t pretend they are fair offers ye?

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“All your offers are lowballs.” is a very very good stretch. I build stuff so anything i can produce or have the means to produce I base my offers off of.


Got a 650b offer ingame. Contract is up.


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