WTS month old Character - 19.5m sp - 15 bil

can fly Stealth Bombers/ VNI / Gallente BS


pswd = 123456

14.5b b/o

15b b/o

XShadow4X_Coors: I accept your offer. Waiting for isk transfer along with account name for character transfer

I’d do 15.2b if buyer does not respond

Thank you for the offer, I will wait for a reply from XShadow4X_Coors. If deal does not go through, your offer is next

Have not received any confirmation from XShadow4X_Coors.

Vulgus Carovigra, I accept your offer. Waiting for Isk transfer and account name via in-game mail

sending isk and account info

Isk received, Char trf request sent to CCP

Thank you!

Transfer is complete.

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