WTS Mr'Capsule Cap Industrial/Miner science 157m sp

NPC corporation, Positive wallet, there is no right to kill, Security Status 4.39 the character itself is in the system Perimeter.

Who is interested in buying, you can write to me in the game or here!

  • You can see a lot of things on the skillboard

  • Perfect skills Fleet Support

  • Good skills Resource Processing

  • Good Skills Science

  • Jump Freighters Level: 5

  • Marauders Level: 5

Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 1

Start Price 140b

140 Billions ( standing missing)

141 bil

142 Billions

accept the bid, wait for isk, after i start the transfer

I am ready for this deal

142 B Isk and account information sent
Don’t forget to mention when you’re starting the transfer .

isk received

The character transfer process has begun!

Received the CCP mail, transfer being processed .

Character received , transaction complete

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