WTS Multiple Astrashus, Raitarus

located randomly across highsec, locations:

Mail me in game for offers.

Lanngisi Raitaru Sold
Luminare (astra) 800mil obo
Bei Astra Sold
Hageken (astra) 800mil obo
Eletta (raitaru) 500mil obo
Uuhulanen (raitaru) 500mil obo
Uuhulanen (Astra) 800mil obo
Ghishul (raitaru) 500mil obo

including any fitting they may have for free.

forgot to mention, please PM me ingame for buying. thanks

no offers yet, still selling! 6or so bil for all of them!

up it goes!

which ones have fits

No idea, but they are all discounted and if they have a fit its free, also bump

Still selling

No offers given yet, still selling!

Still sellin

2 sold, still have more!

still have some for sale!

contact me please with which ones are still left

Shoot me a mail or convo me in game to let me know what you still have and their locations. Hoping to make an offer for all.

Will when i login next

still for sale! send me a mail in game (bump)

Up Up and away!

still selling, Mail me in game for offers.

still selling.

still for sale

still selling