🔥 WTS Multiple Legacy & Collector Items

Good Morning EVE,

I’ve a few legacy and collector items for sale, below I’ll post some pictures for you looking for either direct ISK trade or PLEX equivalent, feel free to either contact me in game, here on the post or via discord.


The Nyx has legacy, Large Trimark Rigs

The Mino is in Hi-sec, legacy fitted with dual capacitor boosters, and is one of the rare caps in K-space

The Atron has a classic cyno module on it, unable to be currently fit in todays age, also legacy

Discord Handle: thedragonofthewest_

Don’t believe caps in high sec can be traded - I may be wrong though

Sadly, you are right.

You are unfortunately correct, I didn’t know this when I’d made the post sorry to dissapoint folks, the other items are still for sale though.

I’m not certain if it’s a problem if say the cap is undocked, and then you jettison from the cap and someone else boards it, that may be allowed?

Review: EVE Help: Capital Ships in High Security Space for the list of restrictions.

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Nope, no exchanging at all.

Legacy Atron has been sold to an eager buyer, I have a few more small ships with similar legacy features to auction off as well to a new home, I look forward to serving more happy customers.

file 275x220_001862

Still looking to sell the rest of these legacy items, if you’re at all interested remember to contact me asap

Still selling the rest of the legacy items on stock here

Another one sold, just a few more left now folks

Still selling legacy items, got a few more added to stock recently

Closed at request of Op.