WTS: Myself! 2009 bday, fresh slate


I’m Mr McDoobie and you don’t know me yet, but you will soon! Most of the things you need to know are on my resume (skillboard link) but for the others:

  • Positive wallet balance
  • No kill rights
  • No jump clones
  • Currently located in Rens (where I graduated 13 years ago)

This forum is full of characters changing owners, and people reducing everything to highly impersonal ISK/hr ratios, trying to always get the best deal. HOWEVER, there is one thing you cannot buy on this forum, or indeed anywhere in this game: Time Travel! And this is, kind of, what I can offer you.

You might look at my current skills, or lack thereof, and think “Hey, that guy isn’t even worth the transfer fee!” - and you’d be mostly right. But where I shine is in the fact that I am a completely fresh slate, ready to be given a new identity! Just add a few injectors, spend some time building me a recent history, and boom: Great spy alt!

How can you pretend that you’re a “returning player who didn’t get the game when they played before” when your character is created yesterday? Solve this dilemma: BUY ME! Save me from the biomass queue!

(Minimum asking price 2b to cover the transfer fee, which I’d spend buying Plex to sell anyway if this toon gets melted in the Rens Public Acid Baths - open to higher offers of course!)

2.5 bil offer

Offer accepted: Thankyou for saving my life!

Awaiting ISK and account name.

Roger, sending them in a moment

Mail with account name sent,
ISK Sent too.

Confirmed received, laundered, and transfer initiating! Lovely doing business with you.

Confirmation Mail Received.

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