WTS Myself. 22mil SP`

Located in HS station near jita in NPC corp
Total skill points: ~22,994,377 SP
Positive wallet balance
no killrights
no jump clones

Recon ships, t3c, cruisers.
Logistic Cruiser V
t2 guns

Lowballs will NOT be accepted.

B/O 20b.

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Retracted offer

offer backed out,

once per calendar, still selling

Retracted offer

this offer is significantly too low.

15B B/O
But I Need Few Hours Prepare ISK.

i can accept this in 24 hours time if no other offers has been made. If possible, please reach out to me via eve-mail for ease of discussion. @MikuMiku

Sorry I am not available in game this moment

If you can confirm this. I can send ISK in 1-2 hours.

----- retracted

larger offer made, sorry.

I offer 16b.


i am able to accept this, as previously mentioned please mail me in-game if you haven’t, so we can proceed

ISK and receive account send.
Please confirm, thanks.

isk received, transfer request has been made. If any problems arise please reach out to me on the character “Phoeniixxx”

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