WTS myself, bitter vet allround pvp main. Caldari/Amar - Good/original name

This account hasn’t been used for years now and it’s time to let him go. He is cap ready, only thing he lacks is fighters 5. He used to fly amar and caldari caps back in the day

For the rest it’s an awesome toon with an awesome name and some pretty good lvl5 skills to make him one of the best allround pvp chars you can have.

Eve Skillboard Link

Alpha clone state
Sec status -1.41 (so can go everywhere)
Positive Wallet
In npc corp for ages.
DoB: 2006-04-08
Unallocated SP 256,000
Bonus Remaps: 2
No kill rights
3 jump clones with augs (Jita / Innia / Torrinos)
Located in Jita

75 Bill starting Bid
90 bill buyout

Did I mention allready this toon has an awesome name

Lvl 5 skills (to name a few)

  • All armour comp
  • L/M/H Drone op / Drone Dura,Avio,Int & Sharps
  • Arm Cmd + Spec
  • All Navi skills apart from JFC
  • Cmd Ships, HAC, Init,Logi,Recon



75 bil, offer valid for 24 hours only

thank you for this first offer, i will let you know before the 24 hour expire if I can agree upon this.

if no bigger bid comes in the next 5 hours I will accept your offer.

75.5B offer

76 bil


thanks, i will give it another 3 hours, then close this down if no bigger bid comes. And start the procedure towards the highest bidder.

Mj11jM Hegirin I can agree on your 76.5bil bid, please send isk and further instructions.

Will do, Sending it from the character “Vandermark” in game. This is just my forum character :slight_smile:

Isk and account name sent!

Isk received, char sent. Will be completed after: 12/18/2018 11:54:49 AM. Thank you for your business.

Confirming, thank you as well.

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