WTS myself

selling myself leave offers below can use t2 guns and siege minmtar dread pilot and gal JF

no active kill rights
35,889,367 sp
27mil isk in wallet
location: in jita
high-grade Asklepian set
Inherent Implants ‘Noble’ Repair Proficiency RP-902
Inherent Implants ‘Squire’ Power Grid Management EG-605
35k unlocated skill points
-0.6 sec status

about 600- bilish in assets if u want to fly around picking them up lol

other 2 jc in high sec one with a 124mil inplant

3 re maps

2007 character


min bid: 23

Bo : 38

till next sunday or BO

20 bil buyout offer

You are missing some information needed to sell your character. Please update your post according to the rules.


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23b offer

30b B/O please :slight_smile:

Edit: B/O updated while I was going through available assets, offer still stands for the moment.

can you do 32?

Fair enough.
I’ll send you the isk and account info as soon as i get a confirmation :slight_smile:

sold to you for 32bil waiting for isk

Isk sent ^^

one sec i have to add game time to this acount to give me 10mins everything should be sorted fast

Now loading windows thread bump please do not shut power of your device …loading loading loading loading loading windows has failed to bump this thread d3dx11.thread dll is missing from thread 32 folder please now burn windows 10 in a very hot fire thank you for shattering windows goodbye…

you can transfer characters to/from an alpha account, no longer has to be Omega

dammit, i also plexed the receiving account for this XD

Transfer started should have him soon

Buyer confirming transfer is on its way

Edit: dunno what happened with quotes, new to this forumstyle XD

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