WTS Nag Alt


Postive sec status
Postive wallet
No standings issues
No Kill rights
No jump clones

Starting bid 15b

B/O 30b

15B start

bid 16b


25b B/O right here right now

really shitty jump drive skills, 18b offer

19b b/o




my 25b B/O stays firm,let’s go and not lose time

26b bid.

26.5 bi this cap have a good name


27 Billion

27.5 Bi

i’m out, all yours, will not pay any more for a dread char with no jump skills, 27 B is my max

28 bil

28 bil

Happy to take this if no other bids come in the next 24 hours

28.5 bil money ready to go right now

BID removed due to bad jump skills