WTS Naglfar pilot

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Meli_Aumer (pw 1234)

42M sp

capital gun T2 lvl5

jump skill lvl5

19000 unallocated SP

1 remap available

starting bid 38B

auction is finished, best bid 39B by Kitsune Koraka

37.5b, buyout max offer. Would be cheaper than that to inject to the skills I want it for.

Let me know ASAP, looking at other characters.

38B buyout.

39B buyout.I really like this charaters.

atm the best offer is Misaka

the auction for the pilot take end saturday 11:59pm eve time

There is something wrong with my credit card so can u wait one day more?

the auction take end saturday

if there is no better offer, we will discuss after about the condition

I retract my offers.

The bank said they must cost 10 business day to give me a new credit cad so I think u can sell the char to the guy with 39.5B. I’m very sorry about that. :frowning:

23 hours before the end of auction

If everyone else has pulled out ill offer you our og price of 38B.

2 hours before the end of auction !

39b bid

auction is finished

the best bid is Kitsune Koraka with 39B

waiting isk for the transfer

isk and account info sent

isk recieved and char transfered

you have to wait few hours before to play him

have a good game with him

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