WTS Near Launch Characters (May/June 2003) V. Low SP

I have a couple of characters created near launch of eve available for sale - all offers considered.



These have been inactive and have low skill points.

You need to post here with each of those characters to confirm they are for sale.

Once you do that I will bid 10B on Kuroiken and 5B on Tripulse.

I confirm I am for sale

I confirm I am for sale

11 billion for Tripulse
looking for 2003 characters go for him instead

As there are a couple of bids, I’ll put in some deadlines etc.

I will leave the auction up for one week (closing at 10pm on Friday 27th January 2020 UK time).

I have a hidden reserve on each of the characters. I will pay the transfer fee for each character that hits the reserve. If you haven’t factored in the transfer cost to your bid you may wish to update :wink:

Hi @Eternally_Nameless both characters are may 2003. @Kuroiken was born about midnight 6 May 2003 (https://eveboard.com/pilot/kuroiken) (first Corp was player Corp a year later), while I was born 20 May 2003 at 17:12 (https://eveboard.com/pilot/tripulse)

Hope that clears it up.

ok I’ll take either one then when its done

15B on Kuroiken

15B on Tripulse

16 billion Kuroiken or other

17B for Kuroiken

Both characters have met their reserve.

2 days to close, currently winning:

Hogu - kuroiken 17b
Eternally Nameless - Tripulse 16b

If no more bids in 24 hours I will end auction early

Kuroiken - 18B
Tripulse - 18B

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Kuroiken - 19B

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Kuroiken - 20B
Tripulse - 18B

Kuroiken - 21B

Kuroiken - 22B
Tripulse 18B

Kuroiken - 23B

Kuroiken 25B