WTS Near perfect JF Pilot 35M sp

taking offers/bids, well focused toon and not in a hurry.


Gallente JF
Minmitar Transport ships

Notable skills
Jump cal V
Fuel conv V
Transport ships V

comes with High grade nirvana set and extras and high grade ascendancy set both worth quite a bit.

Redclaw sable skin for obelisk worth 400m

Mastodon Hazard control skin - not sold on market - rare

its got everything you need to haul safely and efficiently.

You can find the Rules for selling in this Thread

The sale of multiple characters in one sales thread is allowed; however, each pilot for sale must disclose all the same information as required of any other pilot, and must also post in the thread that they are for sale. This rule does not apply to single pilots; all single pilots must be the one to open the sales thread.