WTS Nice 6.7m SP Alpha with 1.6 M free. details inside FIXED

Hi, selling myself.

Discplaimer, i can put him the 1m points bonus in redeem queue ), i am not in my eve PC now.

I am selling this alpha because was for a project cancelled ( WH evicted ), and need more the ISK than the char now.

  • Cpu management V / Hull upgrades / Mechanics V

  • energy grid upgrades / powergrid management v

  • food small projectile skills

  • weapon upgrades v (for hac as cerberus or ishtar)

Is in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet. All ccp rules apply.

If interested answer the thread, want a fast sale at decent price because need the slot for other character.

This looks like a scam. Your SP is currently 5.675 mil and not 6.7 mil as you indicate in your title.

This isn’t “allowed”, you’d have to redeem to character prior to making yourself for sale for “6.7 mil SP”.

For me sound ok.

6.7 = aprox 4.8 b
5.6 = aprox 4.1

As far i see is a solid char with many of the magic 14, i not offer because prefer play with female chars.

Topic is misleading. you are at 5 mil with almost 700k in unallocated SP. if you are going to sell the character, you need to redeem the other 1.6 mil into the unallocated slot and sell it for 6.7 mil…

As i say was not in my computer, now is redeemed and the full 1.6 is available.


Please represent your character correctly when selling your character. Thank you.

Daily Bump

I can offer 4 b but need be the deal done before the downtime.

Send the isk and acc name.

transfer started

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