WTS Nice Hulk Pilot T2 Ice+Ore

Character in NPC corp
Wallet is Positive
No Killrights
Located in HighSec NPC station

Skill Sheet: EveSkillboard - Cencosud

Arkonor Mining Crystal T2
Bistot Mining Crystal T2
Mercoxit Mining Crystal T2
Ice T2 Mining
Cybernetic V

Starting bid: 5 billion ISK.

4bn B/O




whats the buyout price?

10b B/O


wait 10B/O oh wow! best of luck with that crazy amount haha

I’m in no rush :smiley: :smiley:


You know that you can inject such a pilot for 10b and get your own name + corp history, right?


5B start I guess

I offer 2 bil. I can buy skill points and make my own pilot for this price

So go buy it, thx for the bump

3B Offer

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