Wts NYX 8.2 Mill SP 11 YRS Old

Looking to sell my NYX sitter he’s 11 years old and has a pretty cool name.


pass: 123

7b offer now only 24h

I like your offer but I’m looking to get at least 10B for him

Did you sell this toon in the end?

No still for sale

I think 9b is max

I’ll offer 9.5

ok 10b can we finish it?


10.5b offer final price

10.55 up to 11 max if bids increased

Are you also called a bid? Stupid? Ok, I continue 10.56b stupid man

No need for name calling. I think purenoob should go to someone less salty :sweat_smile:

11B b/o real final price

If I don’t get B/O for 12B within next 16 hours I’ll sell it to crab for 11B.

Go for it, B/O 12b

So, we doing this thing? I got the isk burning a hole in my wallet!

12.1b offer

ill take your offer crab send me acc info and isk and ill send char

What’s the point of setting a buyout and a deadline… :roll_eyes: