Wts nyx focused pilot 28mil sp


positive wallet.
2 remaps available
HG ascendancy

starting at 26b

confirmed im for sell

Will buy today for 20b

i will offer 24B for it and waiting for confirm

looking for more.sorry


can we have a deal ?

27b can pay friday

add few more and it yours :slight_smile:

the most i can do is 29b…

I’ll do 28.5

can we have a deal?

30 and deal

deal isk and info have been sent to the character p00p king

31B if you are still selling

will you transferr by plex or credit card?

plex. i`ll be on in 5ish hours to write a petition.

OK waiting for the good news from you

support ticket has been created.as sson as ill get confirmation that trasnfer started ill let you know!

Okay. Hope that they will start transfer as soon as possible