WTS Nyx in Irmalin Station

Hull only 21b

up you go

wont sell for above 20…so ill offer just that. u got 24 hrs to decide <3

it will sell eventually, price just dipping a bit because goons fireselling right now. 23 is still a good price considering most supers on public market are around 25b

just informing:
There are 3 NYXes in Irmalin npc station below 23b on public contracts, one even rigged :wink:

23 is a crap price. other ppl are offering on this same forum for 21b and rigged. 20 bill offer expires soon.

still for sale

still up, dropped price to 21b

still for sale

still available

still for sale

18 bil offer

no thanks. still for sale.


good for you, buy one then. market is just flooded by evaccing goons

still for sale

but why buy from u for like + 3 bill when we can just buy contract for cheaper…

go buy from contract then :slight_smile:

still for sale

still for sale